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Whether you are using your logs to turn it into something special for yourself or others. Looking to save money on lumber for your own use or sell to others. If you have specialty lumber sizing needs, or just don’t want to see that backyard tree turn into firewood.
We can provide a solution for you.



On site set up fee - $60.00 plus $3.00 per mile (one way), billable every day, 2nd day and every day after that $60.00 plus $1.50 per mile (one way). Log site or log prep fee - $60.00 per hour.


We service a 60 mile radius area
around Ludington Michigan

All about the Process

Mill – Wood-Mizer LT40HD, 26’ 2” long x 6’6” wide, Weight 3900 lbs.

Capacity - 36” diameter, 21’ length, minimum length 3 ½’

We will require and area of at least 30’ x 20’, reasonably level and clean that is dry and capable of supporting up to 9000 lbs. Logs should be staged parallel to the mill so they can be rolled directly onto the log loader. Branches should be cut flush and logs cut to length. Decide how you want you logs cut, flat, quarter or rift saw. Each yield differently and look differently. At the end of your first milling day you will left with lumber, cut scrap, and sawdust. The client is responsible to have at least one able bodied person to remove cut scrap and lumber from the mill.  

See the site preparation map

We can only yield lumber from the diameter of the small end of the log.

A 20’ log may yield more lumber as 2 10’ logs.

Straighter logs create better yield.

We recommend cutting your logs in 2’ increments such as 8’, 10’, 12, etc.

Add 4” to your cut length. This allows for trimming and square later.

If you will not be milling your logs for more than 30 days:

 Store them off the ground, damage from decay and insects starts quickly. 

 Consider using an end grain sealer such as AnchorSeal 2 or exterior grade paint, don’t use tar

 based products. This helps reduce checking and cracking from premature dryness.

They both have benefits and if was up to us we use a combination of the two. Consideration are timeline, cost, space and lumber size. Air drying requires an outdoor space away from direct sunlight, rain or snow. An air space around the stack and in between the boards, using stickers, and a good deal of patients is also required. Once dry enough you would bring this lumber into a conditioned, heated, space to complete the drying. This could take two year to complete. Stickers should be ¾” to 1” square and from a kiln dried wood. Sticker spacing depends on what you have. Stickers can be provided.

We air dry to about 25% and then kiln dry. This reduces the time in the kiln, saving money. It also heats the board enough make sure that all critters have eliminated and sets the lignum, woods own internal wood glue in the wood.

The client is responsible to have at least one able bodied person to remove cut scrap and lumber from the mill. There are several things to consider when determining a rate. What type of sawing, (Flat or Plain, Quarter, Rift)? What type of thickness? Are we sawing for grade, grain, or character? We will charge two different ways, by the board foot or by the hour.

Rough estimates can be provided prior to starting, actual cost will be determined by quantity and size of the lumber milled. Payment for fees is due at completion of milling, payment can be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card, (credit cards will be charged 3% additional to cover processing fees.) Use of credit card must be known before hand to process. No Deposits are required.

On site set up fee - $60.00 plus $3.00 per mile (one way), billable every day, 2nd day and every day after that $60.00 plus $1.50 per mile (one way).

Log site or log prep fee - $60.00 per hour. Making a safe work environment if it has not been provided. Also, delimbing, cutting logs to length, or trimming logs to fit mill capacity, removing excess dirt or debris from the bark, removing metal from the log, moving logs to the loading area or moving the mill.

Hourly rate - $75.00 per hour. To be charged for quarter or rift sawn. Logs under 10” in diameter on the small end. Logs less than 6’ in length.

Board foot table - 1 board foot = 12” wide by 12” long by 1” thick

Striking object – $12.00 hitting small nail, rock, fencing, etc. where blade can be reset and sharpened. If this damages blade beyond repair $25.00

Additional services:

Drying – We don’t kiln dry ourselves, but can arrange for the service locally. Rates vary by volume and at moisture rate the wood starts at.

Sticker – bundles of 25, 3’ - $18.00, 4’ - $20.00

Custom Millwork services - $60.00 per hour, Services such as planning, sanding, shaping, cutting, panel gluing, etc.

CNC solutions - $100.00 per hour

CAD solutions - $50.00 per hour