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Solid Surface FAQ's 

While many people think of Solid Surface as countertops, there is a wide range

of possibilities from lighting designs to specialty applications and furniture.

Below are a few examples of the many different ways that Solid Surface can be used.

• printMenu(MenuCounterTopsandMore); Kitchen Countertops 

• Kitchen Sinks 

• Shelves 

• Vanities and Sinks 

• Showers and Tubs 

• Walls and Facings 

• Accessories (soap dish, towel bar, etc.) 

• Lighting Designs 

• Windows 

• Specialty Applications 

There are many options to achieve unique designs. Solid Surface can be inlaid

with materials such as wood, steel, glass, granite or other solid surface. And

a wide variety of edge treatments can be accomplished. 

Solid surface products offer many benefits over laminate, tile and granite.

Solid surface seams are inconspicuous, hygienic, and non-porous. This means

it will not support the growth of bacteria. 

Because the pattern runs through the entire thickness of the product, nicks

and scratches can be easily sanded out of a top in a matte finish. Accidental

major damage, or damage to a polished finish top, can be repaired by a qualified

solid surface fabricator. 

A matte finish is a typical sanded finish with no sheen. A well-done satin

finish is achieved by additional sanding with finer grits of sandpaper and

Scotch Brite© pads. The satin finish has a low to medium luster appearance.

The gloss finish has a high luster appearance and is typically applies in

limited use and wear areas. 

Solid Surfaces products are a non-porous material designed to resist stains. 

Spills that have dried overnight or did not completely clean with a common 

household cleanser can be easily removed following the steps for your 

particular product and finish. 

Always use a cutting board for your kitchen cutting chores. 

Anything harder than a solid surface may scratch the surface; items, such as 

ceramics, stoneware, stainless steel, glassware, etc. 

Most of the care is already built into our products. With minimal effort, our 

countertops will continue to be a source of pride for years to come. 

Yes, if you have a high gloss countertop, our products can be buffed to its 

original shine. Please contact a certified fabricator to return your countertop 

to its original shine.